Body Awareness Prayers

Breathe, Listen, Watch
When Jacob awoke from his sleep, he thought, “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I was not aware of it.”—Genesis 28:16 (NIV)
None of us wants to feel the way Jacob felt, but like Jacob, we often are not aware of God’s presence. Our thoughts dwell in the past and the future instead of in the present moment. Staying present is one of the most difficult things for us adults to do. Let’s tap into this knowledge and become present again.
Notice that there is a power other than your thoughts that can change your awareness from your thoughts to your senses. This is your physical connection to God within you. Whenever you feel disconnected from your life and God, turn to this prayer with an attitude of worship and the assurance that God is right here with you. If you stay present using your senses, you will always be connected to your life and God’s life within you and all around you. 
“Yes. I’ll stay with you, I’ll protect you wherever you go, and I’ll bring you back to this ground. I’ll stick with you until I’ve done everything I promised you.”—Genesis 28:15 (MSG)    

Breathe gently and simply observe your breathing… No need to control your breath… Breathe in God’s presence and breath...
When your mind strays, listen to what you hear… Simply listen without attaching a meaning to the sound…
When your mind wanders again, guide your awareness to your surroundings… Simply watch...
Alternate between observing your breathing, listening, and being aware of your surroundings when your thoughts take you away from the present moment… Pray this way until you are present and calm...
Can you feel the power within that guides your awareness? How does it feel?
When you pray this way during the day, you will become present to God’s guidance and promise in your life.
Prayer: I am aware of God’s presence. Amen. 

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